Program Advocacy

Maintaining Strong Alliances
Partnerships and alliances are important when the resale system is thriving. They are also important when the system comes under attack or when budget deficits put a strain on resources.

The American Logistics Association provides program advocacy, in partnership industry, other associations and coalitions, and directly with military resale.

  • Resources provided to the system are a reciprocal commitment from citizens in recognition of their service.
  • These resources provide a big bang for the buck by retaining a quality force and the funding is small in comparison to other aspects of the compensation package.
  • Management has demonstrated responsible stewardship of resources provided as demonstrated by all standard government performance measures.
  • These programs provide a much needed employment for family members to assist in obtaining a much needed second source of household income.
  • Military resale and MWR business programs are designed to take the best aspects of the public and private sector and structure programs that are well-managed and responsive to their constituency. The military resale and MWR system is a model of how these enterprises should function by adopting the best private sector practices enhanced with solid Government performance and supported by patron contributions, industry contributions and taxpayer support.