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Welcome Food Service Providers:


Food Service Professionals across all Services I want to provide you what American Logistics Association (ALA) can do for you in supporting your food service programs across all spectrums of your operations. From the headquarters to the dining facility level and how what ALA does supports your customers and your partners. “ALAs mission is to promote, protect, and enhance the military resale and quality of life benefits on behalf of our members and the military community and they look forward to many years of continued service”. ALAs history dates back over 100 years in serving the Military community and improving the quality of life of the service member and their families.

From ALA’s website: American Logistics Association – Where Helping Members Succeed Is Our Business (ala-national.org)

“According to an editorial in the July/August 1972 issue of ALA’s Review Magazine, the organization’s new name was chosen to “show clearly who we are, what we do and how we intend to function. “American’ means we must always exalt the pride of patriotism. ‘Logistics’ is that branch of the military art which embraces the details of transport and supply. ‘Association’ is a union of persons in a company or society for some particular purpose.”

ALA is working to improve policy and process across food service operations and in doing so they are bringing together manufacturers, distributers, brokers, transportation and government professionals to assist in value added services to assistance you in navigating the DeCA, MWR, Exchanges, Veterans Canteen Service and now the Military Food Service strategies/operations. ALA has contributed significant resources to support the Military Services food service operations. Reviewing policy and processes and assist in increasing efficiencies in supporting your operations. At the same time providing manufacturers with a clear understanding of how the systems work and how the Services do business in reviewing new products supporting their members eating habits, nutrition and state-of-the-art feeding operations.

To do this ALA is working with manufacturers, distributors, brokers and the Services Headquarters to review operations and identify areas in policy and process that can be changed to streamline operations and bring about efficiencies that ultimately benefit the diner. Funding operations and transformation, in how, where and what service is provided is critical in supporting feeding operations. Congress in looking at how the Services are transforming their feeding operations to better support the Service Member in today’s environment. ALA can provide assistance in developing and improving current operations using its wide-range of resources and industry knowledge to support your initiatives.

Operating in the COVID environment is instrumental in continuing to review new products and emerging food trends in providing a world-class feeding operation. Whether you can hold in person meetings or virtual meetings continuing to see what new ideas in product development and menu/recipe options are available is key to enhance your operation and prevent menu fatigue. ALA is working with Industry on how they can support your program in this new environment and meet your needs as well as the diner expectations for your dining facilities.