VCS Records Nearly $335 Million In FY20 Sales

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VCS Records Nearly $335 Million In FY20 Sales • ST. LOUIS

In a year where the pandemic forced the Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) to adapt its focus to the situation at hand, the canteen service registered $334.75 million in sales serving Veterans, their caretakers and hospital personnel.

Although fiscal 2020 sales were 34.68 percent less than the prior year, the VCS successfully navigated itself though significant revenue reductions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Ray Tober, the canteen service was able to weather a 52-percent reduction in customer traffic by modifying its business model while continuing to support VA medical centers across the country.

Tober is set to retire on Feb. 26, and while the search for a permanent director is ongoing, VCS Chief Operating Officer (COO) Jim Leahy will take over as executive director in an acting capacity, continuing to steer the canteen service in the right direction as pandemic protocols continue to shape operations.


Under extremely trying circumstances brought on by the pandemic, the VCS managed to accrue $334,752,510 in sales, with Retail and Food pacing this activity.

Based on flash sales provided by the canteen service, retail produced $198.93 million in activity, a 23.39-percent dip from the $259.66 million that this area produced in fiscal 2019.

Food amassed $85.60 million in sales, a 41.15-percent drop from the $145.46 million total of a year earlier.

Again, due to pandemic protocols that impacted the way the VCS does business, other areas also underperformed when compared with the prior year, but performed admirably in the face of the pandemic.

Coffee ($16.52 million, -60.85 percent), Vending ($9.09 million, -31.65 percent) and Services ($24,62 million, -52.56 percent) each performed as well as could have been expected under COVID-19 protocols that were in force in VA medical centers.


During the American Logistics Association (ALA) Convention held last October, Tober put it all into perspective.

“There was no way we could have prepared for this. But we are in a better position today than we wee in mid-March. … We could not have done it without our vendors. There will continue to be challenges as we continue to meet the business needs of the organization.”

VCS FY20 Sales Performance Versus Prior Year, By Sales Category

Sales Category Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2019 %  Change

Retail $198,925,942 $259,661,199 -23.39%

Food $85,600,784 $145,457,840 -41.15%

Coffee $16,516,780 $42,188,687 –60.85%

Vending $8,088,234 $13,295,842 -31.65%

Services $24,620,770 $51,893,581 -52.56%

Total $334,752,510 $512,497,149 -34.68%

Source: VCS FY20 Flash Sales Reports

Source: VCS

Written by Larry Lapka

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