DeCA ‘CLICK2GO’ Program Expands

DeCA ‘CLICK2GO’ Program Expands


The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) announced an extension of its CLICK2GO program, including not only expanded features, but an increased number of outlets where the program can be used.


The agency reported that the online ordering/curbside delivery service now features online payment and more product information than ever before, and it is being expanded to all stateside commissaries by the end of the year, and to overseas stores soon thereafter.


“We’ve learned a lot about what our customers want during our initial 11-store rollout the past two years, and thanks to recent innovations to our e-commerce platform, we’ve made tremendous service and user-interface improvements that customers expect in today’s retail environment,” said Bill Moore, the agency’s director and chief executive officer (CEO).


“We’re going to deliver this great service to all commissaries as quickly as possible,” he stated.



According to DeCA, here is a brief rundown of Commissary CLICK2GO’s new features:

  • Improved navigation and search functions to help customers plan healthy meals and take care of their family’s needs.
  • Enhanced product information.
  • Robust recipe features.
  • Featured sales and promotions.
  • Upgraded mobile-friendly experience, to include seeing order history for ease in re-ordering desired products.
  • Online payment


“Perhaps the most significant enhancement is online payment,” Moore said. “You place your order and pay online, and then it’s simply a matter of driving up to the curbside delivery area of your commissary to have your groceries loaded into your vehicle. That’s a streamlined process our customers expect in this information age.”



Due to grocery shopping trends, DeCA noted that it has been galvanized to bring online ordering, payment and pick-up options to all commissary-eligible patrons.


The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) recently reported that online grocery shopping has escalated to previously unpredictable rates since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. FMI had estimated that 20 percent of all U.S. grocery shopping would be done online by 2025. However, the rates of e-grocery sales expected to occur over a 10-year timeframe actually occurred in just six months.



Moore said the agency-wide expansion of online ordering/curbside delivery service aligns with DeCA’s strategic goals to make the commissary benefit accessible to as much of the patron base as possible.


“Our CLICK2GO rollout has been long desired by our patrons, and we fully grasp that they expect us to deliver this convenient method of grocery shopping as soon as possible —they want to know when they will see it at their commissary,” Moore said. “I can assure you that we’re working as hard as we can to make this happen as quickly as possible.


“We’ll have the schedule on our website to keep people updated as best we can, Our promise is to get it to all U.S. stores this calendar year — maybe sooner — and we are committed to getting it to our overseas stores soon thereafter, as we work through international challenges like COVID restrictions.”


Moore said the CLICK2GO program “builds on the vital benefit we deliver exclusively for our military community and their families — we deliver the savings but we have to improve on convenience, and CLICK2GO does just that.


“With it, patrons near and far can plan, order and pay for their purchases online and simply swing by the store to get them. It makes the commissary worth the trip.”


Moore added the success of the further rollout of the program is expected, “and I envision it will enable us to eventually offer delivery — where our patrons can enjoy their hard-earned benefit from the comfort of their homes or barracks.”



Information on how the service works and the rollout status is found on with dedicated sections such as “How CLICK2GO Works (”


Source: DeCA

Edited by Larry Lapka



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