Close partnership aims to advance military food service

WASHINGTON—The military foodservice industry spans the globe contributing to the readiness and well-being of the Armed Forces. The American Logistics Association (ALA) and its member companies will be working with key policy makers to advance an agenda to advocate for policies and programs that increase communication between the Government and industry and provide world-class food service.


ALA has formed a Foodservice Council to address relevant issues. “The leadership of our organization is prepared to bridge the gaps that exist between industry and DOD general foodservice. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of Servicemembers while enhancing business practices between industry and the DOD agencies,” said Steve Rossetti, President of the Association. “The addition of our foodservice partners builds on an already strong presence in the military commissary and exchange program that provides vital products and services globally for the military and their families with many of the ALA manufacturers and brokers already having a major presence in military foodservice,” Rossetti said. “Enhancing the synergy of these channels will strengthen them all,” he added.


Retired Army Sergeants Major David Staples has joined the ALA team to advance this agenda. Dave brings decades of experience in food service both in government and industry.


The ALA has a long history of serving military service members by protecting the resale benefit and the quality-of-life programs they support. As a modern, best practices trade association, ALA continues to partner with the military resale system, industry, DOD and Congress to enhance the service members’ experience within appropriated and non-appropriated activities.


ALA currently provides key services to its members and business partners:


  • Work proactively with the Defense Logistics Agency and the logistics

organizations of the Armed Forces to enhance members’ ability to understand and improve operations to include cataloging, menu development and operating in the pandemic environment.

  • Expedite introduction of new products to military food service outlets.
  • Educate policymakers both in the Administration and on Capitol Hill of processes and policies that can advance and modernize military food service.
  • Represent the members’ interest at all levels of the legislative and regulatory process
  • Foster understanding between industry and DOD to address issues
  • Provide a forum for advocacy
  • Facilitate world class public relations and communications
  • Promote training and education
  • Seek innovation and technology to enhance business processes


Military general foodservice, which is comprised of appropriated and non-appropriated sectors. The need to address the concerns of manufacturers, prime vendor distributors and the military and government agencies, which are responsible for appropriated and non-appropriated feeding, is an under-served element which ALA seeks to provide advocacy and strength.


More news on the Council will be announced, in the coming weeks, outlining the objectives the American Logistics Agency wishes to address in 2021. If you have interest in knowing more about this new initiative, please contact Bob Ellis at





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