AAFES Gruenstadt Bakery Manager Honored By Krispy Kreme


  • GRUENSTADT, Germany

Mathias Baum, the longtime manager of the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Gruenstadt, Germany, Bakery,

received Krispy Kreme’s “Melon Head Award” for his work increasing the brand’s presence in Europe through the Exchange.


The award is given to people who use their “melon” to drive brand awareness, which the bakery team has done since it began offering Krispy Kreme in November 2015.


“I could not believe it at all and was totally overwhelmed that I am one of the few who get this extraordinary award,” said Baum, who was one of six people worldwide to receive a 2021

award, which was presented at Krispy Kreme’s virtual International Annual Conference this past fall.


Baum has done two long stints at the bakery: from September 1984 through August 1997, and his current one.


“On April 1, 2005, after a few years in local companies, I had the great luck to come back as bakery manager,” he said.



“We have been constantly working to expand our Krispy Kreme range to appeal to as many customers as possible,” Baum said. “New doughnut varieties, filled rings, original glazed mini-doughnuts, cupcakes, Belgian waffle doughnuts … our last top seller was Belgian pumpkin waffles, and we are already working on new products for 2022.”


Baum mentioned cupcakes — a Krispy Kreme product developed by, and unique to, the Gruenstadt bakery team.


“In April 2017, our Krispy Kreme team and I thought

about what else we could offer our customers who might

not like doughnuts,” Baum said. “So we came up with the

idea to make cupcakes with mainly doughnut ingredients.


“Our excellent bakers then developed and tested the

recipes together with our quality assurance team.”


Meeting Krispy Kreme’s standards took a while … more

than three years, to be specific.


“It was not easy to get the approval for it,” Baum said. “To

meet the very high-quality requirements regarding taste

and appearance of the cupcakes up to the design of the

packaging, it took us until Nov. 23, 2020, to get the final

approval, and we were the first to produce Krispy Kreme

cupcakes worldwide.”



This isn’t the first time that Krispy Kreme honored a member of the Gruenstadt bakery team.


In 2019, Ben Emmerich, a production specialist at the bakery, was one of two people worldwide singled out in Krispy Kreme’s first Global Recognition contest.


He was recognized for reducing waste, increasing yield efficiency, committing to product quality and continuing

preventive maintenance.


Source: AAFES

Edited by Larry Lapka



AAFES Gruenstadt, Germany, Bakery Manager Mathias Baum holds a Krispy Kreme cupcake, a product developed by the Gruenstadt bakery team. The bakery began offering Krispy Kreme products in November 2015.


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