AAFES Bringing Valero, Marathon, BP/Amoco Fuel to Expresses


To improve the quality of life for military communities, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) is introducing “Top Tier” certified-branded fuel at more than 180 gas stations on Army and Air Force installations in CONUS.


Military shoppers at select installations will be able to fuel up with Marathon, Valero and BP/Amoco fuel, depending on geographic location, at the Exchange’s Express gas stations.


Expresses are receiving signing and canopies — identical to those used at the brands’ gas stations outside the gate — to allow warfighters and their families to know that they can purchase the high-quality fuel at the low prices they have come to expect at Express gas stations. The updated fuel canopies heralding the branded fuel are being implemented at no cost to the Exchange or the installations.


The transition to Top Tier fuel started in November at Fort Hood, Texas, with the Clear Creek Express, which is now dispensing Valero fuel.


Remaining Express stores at Fort Hood, including III Corps, Kouma, Warrior Way, 37th Street, Comanche and West Fort Hood, are slated to be converted by the end of the year.


“The Exchange continues to enhance the quality of life for service members and their families, allowing shoppers at these locations to fuel up with the national brands they know and trust without leaving the installation,” said Exchange Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Shull.


“Much like the introduction of name-brand restaurants in the 1980s and name-brand car care services in the 1990s, bringing branded fuel to these Expresses will further strengthen military shoppers’ hard-earned Exchange benefit,” Shull said.



Procuring Marathon, Valero and BP/Amoco fuel improves the Exchange’s already-secure supply chain, enhancing AAFES’s support of military communities during emergencies and natural disasters.


The Exchange’s fuel pricing policy — matching local competition for each fuel grade where the competition offers a similar service at the same terms and conditions — will remain unchanged.


With 100 percent of Exchange earnings being reinvested into the military community, procurement and logistics savings realized by the initiative will further strengthen the Exchange’s ability to support warfighters and their families.


In the last 10 years, the Exchange benefit has provided $3.4 billion in earnings for critical military quality-of-life programs.


Authorized Exchange shoppers, including service-connected disabled veterans as well as Department of Defense (DoD) and Coast Guard civilians, can fuel up at the Express.


Source: AAFES

Edited by Larry Lapka



To improve the quality of life for military communities, AAFES is introducing Top Tier certified branded fuel at more than 180 gas stations on Army and Air Force installations in CONUS, the first being at the Clear Creek Express, Fort Hood, Texas.


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