2021 Daniel K. Akaka Conference and Food Show

2021 Daniel K. Akaka Conference and Food Show

Prince Waikiki

24th Annual Event

August 16-18, 2021


On behalf of the American Logistics Association (ALA), we are honored to present the 24th Annual Daniel K. Akaka Conference and Food Show, a partnership started between our military resale partners and local businesses.


With COVID-19, we have had to adapt and change our events for this year. We will start off with a conference where you will hear updates from the leaders of the military resale system on the status of their business — current and future — and how together we will continue to increase sales and develop solutions together in this new environment.


There will also be updates from our Congressional delegates and the American Logistics Association on what is happening in Washington, D.C., and how it affects our businesses.


Due to COVID-19 guidelines, in place of an open ballroom with vendors, each vendor will prepare samples, serve and discuss items and answer any questions. A preparation room will be available, if needed. to prepare/prep (cook, warm/plate) prior to your time with each buyer.


Manufacturers, wholesalers, brokers, and distributors of products “Made in Hawaii,” unique to Hawaii and/or best-selling items (national items included) sold in Hawaii only and not nationally, will have an opportunity to present their items to the Hawaii commissary and exchange buyers for consideration to be sold in the Hawaii stores.


The key decision-makers will be in attendance. This is your time to sell your product and get results!


One-on-one meetings will be scheduled on Thursday, Aug. 19 and Friday, Aug. 20 for the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). You will be informed if your items were approved and/or if your company was selected to do business with DeCA.


The exchanges will inform you of their intentions in your presentation meetings between Aug 16–18, 2021.


Snapshot of event details:

  • Cost to participate (includes Breakfast Conference):

New Companies – $795

Existing Companies – $1,695


  • Limited time slots — First come, first served.


  • Maximum of two company representatives per presentation to buyers.


  • One preparation class will be held in early July.


  • DeCA forms will be made available.


  • Preparation room will be available for cooking and warming up, if needed.


  • Vendors are to supply all necessary supplies for their presentation to the buyers.


  •  The most importance is the latest change from the Mayor to Tier 4  which allows for “integrated” events such as the Food Show.


If approved, this will change the overall event from how we currently have this set-up, however, the dates will remain the same.


Tier 4

Indoor Events.  This section applies to non-static/interactive indoor events such as concerts, meetings, conventions, and similar indoor events that involve more attendees than the limit set for social gatherings and that are not otherwise addressed in the Order (“Indoor Events”).  Indoor Events may take place under the following conditions:

  1. Operations.
  2. Mitigation plan required.  Operators of Indoor Events must develop, follow, and maintain a written COVID-19 mitigation plan consistent with this Order, the scope of the event, and DOH/CDC guidance.
  3. Compliance with the conditions placed on Social Establishments (or Bars/Restaurants) for events involving on premises consumption of food/beverages.

iii. Face coverings (as defined in Order 5).

  • Employees – All employees must wear face coverings during their shifts.
  • Attendees – Attendees must wear face coverings consistent with Order 5 of the Order at all times when indoors, except when eating or drinking (as applicable).
  1. Performers/Activities subject Order 8.
  • Performers and attendees engaged in singing, playing wind instruments, and similar activities are encouraged to follow the guidance set forth in Order 8 of the Order.
  • All other performers employed or contracted by an Indoor Event operator shall maintain physical distance of at least six (6) feet from attendees and wear face coverings at all times during their shifts.
  1. Mingling between groups.  Mingling between groups is allowed at Indoor Events.  This is an exception to the general rules contained in Exhibit A (page 1) and the Social Distancing Requirements.
  2. Capacity
  • All attendees must provide either a negative COVID-19 test result (taken within 48 hours of the event), or provide proof of full vaccination prior to entry, maximum capacity shall be limited to 50% of the maximum occupant load of the indoor facility or room at issue.

o Operators are responsible for verifying either vaccination status or negative test result for ALL attendees.

o People are considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19 when more than two weeks has passed since receiving the second dose in a two dose series, or more than two weeks after they have received a single-dose vaccine.  A completed vaccination card (which includes name of person vaccinated, type of vaccine provided and date last dose administered) in original, photocopied, or digital form; or other similar vaccination documentation from a healthcare provider are acceptable proof of vaccination.  Event organizers may use digital databases to collect the above acceptable proof of vaccination prior to the event.

o Prior to entry, each non-vaccinated attendee must present a negative result from an FDA EUA or approved molecular or an antigen test conducted within 48 hours before the event start time.

  1. Contact tracing information.  Operators must collect Sign-in Data for all attendees (not just one individual per group).  Operators are strongly encouraged to implement efficient systems to facilitate collection of the Sign-in Data.
  2. Enforcement.  Any Indoor Event operating in violation of any provision under this section shall be subject to (1) immediate closure for 24 hours by the Honolulu Police Department to provide an opportunity to cure the violation and provide staff training to protect the public health; and (2) the penalties generally authorized by this Order.  Any Indoor Event holding a liquor license issued by the Honolulu Liquor Commission in violation of any provision of this section shall also be subject to (1) immediate closure for 24 hours by the Honolulu Police Department and/or the Honolulu Liquor Commission to provide an opportunity to cure the violation and provide staff training to protect the public health; and (2) the penalties enforceable pursuant to the Rules of the Liquor Commission of the City and County of Honolulu, State of Hawaii, and the Liquor Laws of Hawaii under Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 281, which may include a reprimand, fine, suspension, and/or revocation of the liquor license.






For further information, please contact alafoodshowhawaii@gmail.com and/or rsampson@ala-national.org.

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