AAFES Named ‘4-Star Employer’ By VETS Indexes



The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) was named a “4-Star Employer” by VETS Indexes, a firm that promotes employment for veterans, military spouses and family members.


The Exchange is among 20 organizations that received this recognition as part of the inaugural 2021 VETS Indexes Employer Awards, which honors commitment to recruiting, hiring, retaining, developing and supporting veterans and others in the military community.


VETS Indexes is an independent provider of custom indexes in the environmental, social and governance fields.


The VETS Indexes Employer Award recognized the Exchange in four categories: veteran job candidate recruiting and hiring; veteran employee development and retention; veteran-inclusive company policies and culture; and military spouse and family support.


“Veterans and military spouses are force multipliers for the Exchange,” said Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Kevin Osby, Exchange senior enlisted advisor. “Having heroes in our ranks who understand the military’s mission and unique needs helps the Exchange deliver on its nearly 126-year-old, ‘We Go Where You Go’ promise.”


For a list of winners, visit https://vetsindexes.com/employer-awards-results/.



The Exchange — the Department of Defense’s (DoD) largest retailer — is a lifeline for veterans and military spouses looking for jobs.


For military families, an Exchange career means benefit retention, retirement opportunity and stability. The Exchange gives spouses first consideration for open positions, and the continuity program lets military spouses transfer to an Exchange when their family has a permanent change of station.


According to AAFES, 45 percent of its U.S. workforce is made up of veterans, military spouses or dependents, and the Exchange is closing in on its goal of hiring 50,000 veterans and military spouses.


Veterans, military spouses and others who want to work with the Exchange can visit ApplyMyExchange.com for a list of job openings worldwide.


Source: AAFES

Edited by Larry Lapka



AAFES-supplied graphic

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MCCS Introduces New Financial Processing Platform

Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), the entity that oversees the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX), is going live with a new financial processing platform, Oracle Fusion. The tentative “go-live” date for the new system is Friday, June 25.


“The Oracle Fusion system will allow us to process vendor payments more accurately and efficiently, making MCCS easier for you to do business within the future,” said John Johnston, chief financial officer (CFO), Business and Support Services Division.



“A transition period from June 12 to June 25 will affect you, our vendors and contractors,” Johnston noted. “During this transition period from our existing processing platform to our new processing platform, the MCCS Shared Services Center (SSC) will not be able to process payments.


“Vendors and contractors should send invoices to your appropriate point of contact per the purchase order or your contract by June 4 to help ensure invoices can be processed before the cutoff date.”


Johnston said that Friday, June 11 is the last day MCCS will send an ACH payment or check using the legacy system for any invoice received and processed with a pay date of June 11 through July 5.


Invoices submitted after June 11 will be processed when the new processing platform is live.



“We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and cooperation as we move from our legacy processing to the new Oracle Fusion processing platform,” Johnston said.


“Should you have any questions, please direct them to your appropriate point of contact per the purchase order or your contract.”


FAQ for MCCS Vendors

This FAQ is provided as a follow up to the message from John Johnston, CFO, MCCS Business and Support, Global Business Services, sent May 24, 2021.  

As described in the May 24, 2021, message MCCS is going live with a new financial processing platform, Oracle Fusion. Our tentative “Go-Live” date for the new system is Friday, June 25, 2021.

A transition period from June 12 to June 25 will affect you, our vendors and contractors. During this transition period from our existing processing platform to our new processing platform, the MCCS Shared Services Center (SSC) will not be able to process payments.



June 4 Vendors and contractors should send invoices to appropriate points of contact per their purchase order or contract by June 4 to  help ensure invoices can be processed before the June 11 cutoff date
June 11 The last day MCCS will send an ACH payment or check using the legacy system for invoices with a pay date of 11 June through 5 July
June 12 to 25 Transition period from existing processing platform to new processing platform. At this time, the MCCS Shared Services Center (SSC) will not be able to process payments.
June 25 Tentative “Go-Live” date for MCCS’s new financial processing platform, Oracle Fusion.
July 6 MCCS begins issuing payments from the new financial processing platform.



  1. What can I do to ensure my invoices are paid by the due date?

Submit all invoices by June 4 to allow processing by June 11 (final check run out of legacy financial processing platform).


  1. Will my payments be impacted (late or delayed)?

If you submit your invoice by June 4, you may receive payment early since payments with a pay date between June 11 and July 5 will be issued on or before June 11. Any invoices not submitted by June 4 may be late or delayed until we go live in our new financial processing platform. The earliest possible date for the payment to be issued in the new financial processing platform will be July 6.


  1. What happens if my invoice arrives after June 4?

There is a strong possibility your invoice will not be processed in time to be issued on the June 11 check run. In that circumstance your invoice will be processed in the new financial processing platform, and the earliest possible date for the payment to be issued in the new financial processing platform will be July 6.


  1. When can I expect invoices submitted after cutoff to be paid?

Payments will be calculated based on your contract terms, but the earliest possible date for the payment to be issued in the new financial processing platform will be July 6.

  1. Will this cutover transition change my payment method?

No, you will receive payment in the same manner as before.


  1. Do I need to delay shipment of product or delay services to MCCS?

No, please do not stop shipping.


  1. Do I need to submit my invoice differently during this cutover transition to the new financial processing platform?

No, please continue to submit your invoices in the same manner, however, the invoice will not be processed until we go live with the system June 25.


  1. Do I need to submit my invoice differently with the new financial processing platform?

No, please continue to submit your invoices in the same manner stated in your contract terms.



Contact information:

For questions regarding… Contact …
Your contract Contracting officer or COR
A purchase order (PO) Procurement point of contact
Retail (MCX) vendors MCXCompliance@usmc-mccs.org
Issuance of payment The MCCS Shared Services Center at ssc.customersupport@usmc-mccs.org




2021 Daniel K. Akaka Conference and Food Show

2021 Daniel K. Akaka Conference and Food Show

Prince Waikiki

24th Annual Event

August 16-18, 2021


On behalf of the American Logistics Association (ALA), we are honored to present the 24th Annual Daniel K. Akaka Conference and Food Show, a partnership started between our military resale partners and local businesses.


With COVID-19, we have had to adapt and change our events for this year. We will start off with a conference where you will hear updates from the leaders of the military resale system on the status of their business — current and future — and how together we will continue to increase sales and develop solutions together in this new environment.


There will also be updates from our Congressional delegates and the American Logistics Association on what is happening in Washington, D.C., and how it affects our businesses.


Due to COVID-19 guidelines, in place of an open ballroom with vendors, each vendor will prepare samples, serve and discuss items and answer any questions. A preparation room will be available, if needed. to prepare/prep (cook, warm/plate) prior to your time with each buyer.


Manufacturers, wholesalers, brokers, and distributors of products “Made in Hawaii,” unique to Hawaii and/or best-selling items (national items included) sold in Hawaii only and not nationally, will have an opportunity to present their items to the Hawaii commissary and exchange buyers for consideration to be sold in the Hawaii stores.


The key decision-makers will be in attendance. This is your time to sell your product and get results!


One-on-one meetings will be scheduled on Thursday, Aug. 19 and Friday, Aug. 20 for the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). You will be informed if your items were approved and/or if your company was selected to do business with DeCA.


The exchanges will inform you of their intentions in your presentation meetings between Aug 16–18, 2021.


Snapshot of event details:

  • Cost to participate (includes Breakfast Conference):

New Companies – $795

Existing Companies – $1,695


  • Limited time slots — First come, first served.


  • Maximum of two company representatives per presentation to buyers.


  • One preparation class will be held in early July.


  • DeCA forms will be made available.


  • Preparation room will be available for cooking and warming up, if needed.


  • Vendors are to supply all necessary supplies for their presentation to the buyers.


  •  The most importance is the latest change from the Mayor to Tier 4  which allows for “integrated” events such as the Food Show.


If approved, this will change the overall event from how we currently have this set-up, however, the dates will remain the same.


Tier 4

Indoor Events.  This section applies to non-static/interactive indoor events such as concerts, meetings, conventions, and similar indoor events that involve more attendees than the limit set for social gatherings and that are not otherwise addressed in the Order (“Indoor Events”).  Indoor Events may take place under the following conditions:

  1. Operations.
  2. Mitigation plan required.  Operators of Indoor Events must develop, follow, and maintain a written COVID-19 mitigation plan consistent with this Order, the scope of the event, and DOH/CDC guidance.
  3. Compliance with the conditions placed on Social Establishments (or Bars/Restaurants) for events involving on premises consumption of food/beverages.

iii. Face coverings (as defined in Order 5).

  • Employees – All employees must wear face coverings during their shifts.
  • Attendees – Attendees must wear face coverings consistent with Order 5 of the Order at all times when indoors, except when eating or drinking (as applicable).
  1. Performers/Activities subject Order 8.
  • Performers and attendees engaged in singing, playing wind instruments, and similar activities are encouraged to follow the guidance set forth in Order 8 of the Order.
  • All other performers employed or contracted by an Indoor Event operator shall maintain physical distance of at least six (6) feet from attendees and wear face coverings at all times during their shifts.
  1. Mingling between groups.  Mingling between groups is allowed at Indoor Events.  This is an exception to the general rules contained in Exhibit A (page 1) and the Social Distancing Requirements.
  2. Capacity
  • All attendees must provide either a negative COVID-19 test result (taken within 48 hours of the event), or provide proof of full vaccination prior to entry, maximum capacity shall be limited to 50% of the maximum occupant load of the indoor facility or room at issue.

o Operators are responsible for verifying either vaccination status or negative test result for ALL attendees.

o People are considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19 when more than two weeks has passed since receiving the second dose in a two dose series, or more than two weeks after they have received a single-dose vaccine.  A completed vaccination card (which includes name of person vaccinated, type of vaccine provided and date last dose administered) in original, photocopied, or digital form; or other similar vaccination documentation from a healthcare provider are acceptable proof of vaccination.  Event organizers may use digital databases to collect the above acceptable proof of vaccination prior to the event.

o Prior to entry, each non-vaccinated attendee must present a negative result from an FDA EUA or approved molecular or an antigen test conducted within 48 hours before the event start time.

  1. Contact tracing information.  Operators must collect Sign-in Data for all attendees (not just one individual per group).  Operators are strongly encouraged to implement efficient systems to facilitate collection of the Sign-in Data.
  2. Enforcement.  Any Indoor Event operating in violation of any provision under this section shall be subject to (1) immediate closure for 24 hours by the Honolulu Police Department to provide an opportunity to cure the violation and provide staff training to protect the public health; and (2) the penalties generally authorized by this Order.  Any Indoor Event holding a liquor license issued by the Honolulu Liquor Commission in violation of any provision of this section shall also be subject to (1) immediate closure for 24 hours by the Honolulu Police Department and/or the Honolulu Liquor Commission to provide an opportunity to cure the violation and provide staff training to protect the public health; and (2) the penalties enforceable pursuant to the Rules of the Liquor Commission of the City and County of Honolulu, State of Hawaii, and the Liquor Laws of Hawaii under Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 281, which may include a reprimand, fine, suspension, and/or revocation of the liquor license.






For further information, please contact alafoodshowhawaii@gmail.com and/or rsampson@ala-national.org.

AAFES Associates Receive Red Cross Honor for Live-Saving Actions

AAFES Associates Receive Red Cross Honor for Live-Saving Actions


Two Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) associates were honored with Certificates of Merit, signed by President Biden, from the American Red Cross during a ceremony here at the base’s exchange on May 25.


PowerZone Supervisor Ikaipo Atienza and Customer Service Supervisor Alan Timbol were recognized for their actions in December, when a military retiree was found unconscious at the installation’s mall.


Their actions saved the shopper’s life, and both associates received certificates from the Red Cross and coins from Exchange Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Shull and Exchange Chief Operating Officer (COO) Jason Rosenberg during the ceremony.


“You represent the best of humanity,” Shull said. “What you did to save a life was amazing. You truly live out the Exchange’s core value of the courage to use good judgment. Your efforts will surely inspire others to act on their own accord.”


The Certificate of Merit has been awarded since 1911 and is the highest award given to individuals who save or sustain a life using skills learned in a Red Cross Training Services course.



During the medical emergency, Atienza performed CPR on the shopper and used an automated external defibrillator as Timbol assisted. Paramedics arrived, took over treatment and transported the patient to the hospital.


The next day, the associates learned that the patient had survived and that their actions helped save his life.


“Lots of thoughts and things were going through my mind,” Atienza said. “There’s no book, no how-to, you’re just going. You just have to remember your training and be grounded in your fundamentals. I don’t do this for an award. I don’t do this for recognition. I just do it because I care.”


Both associates were trained in Red Cross life-saving techniques. Atienza was trained by the Exchange and Timbol was trained in the Marine Corps.


“It’s really hard when they issue a Code Blue,” Timbol said. “You’ve got some people who think, ‘Oh, it can’t be that bad.’ But you have to put some thought into it and think, ‘This might be the call.’ It was definitely something that took me back to my experiences in the military.”



Exchange Chief Operating Officer Jason Rosenberg said the associates’ actions were inspirational. “You inspire us every day, truly, with what you did,” he said.


Atienza and Timbol also received coins from Col. Anthony Figiera, commander of the 99th Mission Support Group.


“The military and the Air Force have a big mission here, and we can’t do it without our mission partners,” Figiera said. “AAFES is a huge partner for us. I’m proud every day when I get up and put on this uniform to support this mission, and I’m proud to work with such great teammates like the folks at AAFES who take care of our families and take care of those who are serving.”


Source: AAFES

Edited by Larry Lapka

DeCA ‘CLICK2GO’ Program Expands

DeCA ‘CLICK2GO’ Program Expands


The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) announced an extension of its CLICK2GO program, including not only expanded features, but an increased number of outlets where the program can be used.


The agency reported that the online ordering/curbside delivery service now features online payment and more product information than ever before, and it is being expanded to all stateside commissaries by the end of the year, and to overseas stores soon thereafter.


“We’ve learned a lot about what our customers want during our initial 11-store rollout the past two years, and thanks to recent innovations to our e-commerce platform, we’ve made tremendous service and user-interface improvements that customers expect in today’s retail environment,” said Bill Moore, the agency’s director and chief executive officer (CEO).


“We’re going to deliver this great service to all commissaries as quickly as possible,” he stated.



According to DeCA, here is a brief rundown of Commissary CLICK2GO’s new features:

  • Improved navigation and search functions to help customers plan healthy meals and take care of their family’s needs.
  • Enhanced product information.
  • Robust recipe features.
  • Featured sales and promotions.
  • Upgraded mobile-friendly experience, to include seeing order history for ease in re-ordering desired products.
  • Online payment


“Perhaps the most significant enhancement is online payment,” Moore said. “You place your order and pay online, and then it’s simply a matter of driving up to the curbside delivery area of your commissary to have your groceries loaded into your vehicle. That’s a streamlined process our customers expect in this information age.”



Due to grocery shopping trends, DeCA noted that it has been galvanized to bring online ordering, payment and pick-up options to all commissary-eligible patrons.


The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) recently reported that online grocery shopping has escalated to previously unpredictable rates since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. FMI had estimated that 20 percent of all U.S. grocery shopping would be done online by 2025. However, the rates of e-grocery sales expected to occur over a 10-year timeframe actually occurred in just six months.



Moore said the agency-wide expansion of online ordering/curbside delivery service aligns with DeCA’s strategic goals to make the commissary benefit accessible to as much of the patron base as possible.


“Our CLICK2GO rollout has been long desired by our patrons, and we fully grasp that they expect us to deliver this convenient method of grocery shopping as soon as possible —they want to know when they will see it at their commissary,” Moore said. “I can assure you that we’re working as hard as we can to make this happen as quickly as possible.


“We’ll have the schedule on our website to keep people updated as best we can, Our promise is to get it to all U.S. stores this calendar year — maybe sooner — and we are committed to getting it to our overseas stores soon thereafter, as we work through international challenges like COVID restrictions.”


Moore said the CLICK2GO program “builds on the vital benefit we deliver exclusively for our military community and their families — we deliver the savings but we have to improve on convenience, and CLICK2GO does just that.


“With it, patrons near and far can plan, order and pay for their purchases online and simply swing by the store to get them. It makes the commissary worth the trip.”


Moore added the success of the further rollout of the program is expected, “and I envision it will enable us to eventually offer delivery — where our patrons can enjoy their hard-earned benefit from the comfort of their homes or barracks.”



Information on how the service works and the rollout status is found on commissaries.com with dedicated sections such as “How CLICK2GO Works (https://commissaries.com/how-CLICK2GO-works).”


Source: DeCA

Edited by Larry Lapka



DeCA Graphic

(Click2Go L

NEXCOM ‘Front and Center’ In the Middle East

NEXCOM ‘Front and Center’ In the Middle East


From the start of the U.S. involvement in the Middle East, the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) was always “front and center” in that part of the world, said NEXCOM Public Affairs Officer (PAO) Courtney Williams.


“NEXCOM serviced those Sailors and carriers in the area of responsibility (AOR) which conducted hundreds of sorties a day supporting troops on the ground,” she stated.



Prior to establishing the Navy Exchange 1Q COG program, an initiative servicing Navy ships stores, Williams said NEXCOM provided support to Navy aircraft carriers in the AOR through emergency procurement procedures.


“The support came in the form of food and beverage items, as well as health and beauty items,” she said.



Summer 2018 saw the expansion of NEXCOM’s 1Q COG program. Previously, NEXCOM Distribution had supported ships stores from its distribution centers in Japan and Guam, but there was no provision for servicing ships store needs in Europe and the Middle East until this program update.


Scott Gray, vice president of NEXCOM’s Ships Stores program, noted that in September 2018, Bahrain launched a 1Q COG catalog of about 150 of NEX’s highest performing items in food, beverage, candy, sports nutrition, and health and beauty aids, as well as other categories to meet the needs of service men and women.


“In the first month, the NEX filled 541,000 units with the highest demand being in the beverage/energy and candy categories,” Gray said.


“Over the years, orders continued to grow in this area, leading to a catalog expansion which launched in November 2020,” he continued. “The catalog was reviewed based on performance, fill rate, and items offered through other vendors.


“As a result, 25 unique items were added in beverage and snack categories in an effort to provide our Sailors with more selection at the same convenience and savings.”


In the first few months of this program, Gray said the NEX filled 220,000 units of these unique items, and as of March 2021, the NEX first quarter program supported a total of 1.9 million units at a retail worth $4.8 million.



From the NEX Bahrain Distribution Center: (from left) Frank Scott, logistics manager; Harli Thomas, 1Q coordinator; Padinjakkara Mohammed, lead, storage; Sreejith Murapaly, WMS; and Joaquim Vaz, lead, shipping.



Whether it was a bag of chips or softlines, NEXCOM Ships Stores supporting ships in the Middle East, like this one on the USS McFaul (DDG-74), have provided just about everything those deployed to these vessels needed on a daily basis.





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June 18, 2021



From the desk of the ALA President

Congressional oversight committee decisions July-September could have major implications for resale programs. The Personnel Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee moves on July That’s the subcommittee that has jurisdiction over resale programs. The Readiness Subcommittee (with oversight over military foodservice programs) will move on the July 29. The full committee won’t move until September 1. A number of decisions affecting the military resale system may be coming before Congress this summer and fall. The decision includes …

It’s odd, if not unprecedented that the House would have its subcommittees move a full four weeks ahead of the full committee mark-up. The longer the subcommittee mark-ups are public, the longer lobby groups and the Administration can move to change them. Anyway, the Senate hasn’t yet announced a schedule for moving on their authorization bill but it’s Chairman, Senator Jack Reed (D-R.I.) said it will probably start the process in July. All of the bills are delayed because the Administration was so late in getting its budget request up to the Hill …





This week in Congress: Service officials face the budget hot seat
Military Times
The military service officials will detail their priorities for fiscal 2022 in a series of budget hearings this week as lawmakers inch closer to unveiling their defense spending proposals later this summer.



House tees up war authorization repeal while Senate waits on White House
Defense News
The House will vote on a repeal of the Iraq-focused 2002 war authorization this week, but similar legislation is on a slower track on the other side of the Capitol, where lawmakers were still negotiating with the White House last week.



Bisek & Company, Inc. Military Resale Distributing Agent and Broker
Understands how important the benefit of the Commissary and Exchange is to the active duty and retired military service personnel. We will work with a manufacturer to bring their variety of products to this unique market. Bisek & Company’s sales team is dedicated to doing what it takes to keep those special shoppers coming back to the Commissaries and Exchanges. Contact Bisek & Company so we may help you better understand what it takes to succeed in expanding your role in this very special benefit. Contact Brooks Wotring (brooks@bisek.com) or Laurie Cust (laurie@bisek.com).



White House to nominate retired commander, business leader Carlos Del Toro as Navy secretary
Defense News
The Biden administration announced Carlos Del Toro as its pick to be the next Navy secretary.



Will ‘BRAC for VA’ lead to veterans hospital closures or building more clinics?
Military Times
The Defense Department’s past base closure rounds have proven complicated and contentious for lawmakers, especially in communities that lost military bases and the economic benefits that come with them.



Military will pay toward in-home child care for some families in pilot program
Military Times
A pilot program to help military families pay for child care in their homes will kick off in July, according to defense officials.



Senator vows to hold up VA leadership nominees until department provides info on toxic exposures bill
Military Times
A Tennessee senator is blocking the confirmation of four nominees to Veterans Affairs leadership posts over lingering complaints about the department’s lack of response on the cost and scope of pending legislation granting more generous benefits to victims of military toxic exposure cases.





What inspires Target’s new marketing chief?
Consumers’ passion for Target and the chance to work with a range of teams across the company helps Cara Sylvester stay energized as she tackles her new post as chief marketing and digital officer after almost 14 years with the retailer. “It’s true that you learn and grow the most when you’re willing to say ‘yes’ to different opportunities and responsibilities that challenge you in new ways,” Sylvester said.



Retailers wait longer to pay bills amid the pandemic
The Wall Street Journal
Businesses waited an average of 62 days to pay their suppliers in fiscal year 2020, 7.6% longer than in the previous year, as pandemic-fueled upheaval spurred them to conserve more cash, according to Hackett Group research. Macy’s is among the companies that waited longer to pay bills, ending the most recent quarter with 18% more cash on hand than a year ago.





Army & Air Force Exchange service shoppers generate $153M for military communities in 2020
It matters where Soldiers, Airmen, Guardians and their families shop, and authorized Army & Air Force Exchange Service shoppers are doing their part to strengthen their communities. In 2020, Exchange shoppers generated $153 million for critical military Quality-of-Life programs.



Procurement List; Additions and Deletions
Federal Register
This action adds product(s) and service(s) to the Procurement List that will be furnished by nonprofit agencies employing persons who are blind or have other severe disabilities, and deletes product(s) and service(s) from the Procurement List previously furnished by such agencies.



Feds Feed Families underway through August as commissaries continue role as DOD’s lead
MacDill Air Force Base
The USDA’s Feds Feed Families (FFF) campaign for 2021 began June 1 and continues through Aug. 31 for federal workers and commissary customers and employees who want to donate to food banks and pantries in their area. For the second straight year, the Department of Defense has designated the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) the leader of the campaign for the military, said Randy Eller, the agency’s director of logistics.



MWR hotel construction project officially underway
Hill Air Force Base
Hill Air Force Base is one step closer to seeing a Morale, Welfare and Recreation hotel become a reality, as a groundbreaking ceremony for the Mayflower Mountain Resort took place June 9. Once open, the 642,000-square-foot conference hotel will include a block of 100 rooms that will be available at a preferred rate for active duty and retired service members. In addition, there will be a tax for regular guests that will go towards Hill Air Force Base’s MWR account.



New BX Express mart to open soon
Hanscom Air Force Base
The new convenience-style express mart at the main Base Exchange here is on track to open for business by Aug. 1. Visitors to the BX can’t miss the fenced-off construction area and the new gas pumps and awning in front of the building. But soon the fences will be removed, the pumps turned on, and customers will be able to take advantage of one-stop shopping on Hanscom.



DoorDash now offering delivery from Fort Bliss Restaurants
El Paso Herald-Post
“The Exchange is all in to strengthen Quality of Life support at Ft. Bliss,” said Fort Bliss Exchange General Manager Michael Brennan. “We are looking forward to making food delivery a success as evaluation of opportunities to expand food delivery service to other installations continues.” When the new service began on June 9, Ft. Bliss became be the fourth Army Post in the United States to have on-demand meal delivery.








The 2021-2022 ALA Directory has been mailed to all members you should receive your copy in the mail soon!




Date Event More Information
Aug. 16-18 2021 Daniel K. Akaka Conference and Food, 24th Annual Event Prince Waikiki Hotel
Oct. 18-19-20 ALA Annual Convention 2021 Norfolk Waterside Marriott

Specific information on upcoming ALA events is posted regularly on the ALA website.


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