Morale, Welfare, & Recreation

Community Support and Quality of Life Programs
MWR is a military acronym that stands for Morale, Welfare and Recreation. The term is given to a complete range of community support and quality of life programs for members of the Armed Forces, their families, and retirees at more than 2,000 facilities on U.S. military bases throughout the world.

MWR facilities encompasses a wide variety of services, including:

  • Sports and physical fitness centers
  • Food and beverage outlets
  • Lodging programs
  • Child development
  • Youth activities
  • Movies and entertainment; and
  • Travel and leisure.

The MWR programs operated by each branch of the military (Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines) contributes to the retention, readiness, mental, physical and emotional well-being of the U.S. Armed Forces and their family’s.

Annual MWR sales total more than $3.6 billion. MWR activities are categorized as both appropriated funded (taxpayer) and non-appropriated funded (self generated) activities. ALA understands the nuances of this marketplace and can assist members as needed.

Regional Events
Other benefits of membership include topic specific meetings focused on helping you expand your business with the military resale activities. In addition to regional meetings, we have two national meetings each year to update members. One meeting is focused exclusively on the Defense Commissary System and discusses their marketing and promotion strategies, operational plans, and exploring with members industry best business practices. The second meeting is held the beginning of the government's new fiscal year and provides each of the retail commands (Commissary, Exchange, Veterans Canteen Services and Morale Welfare and Recreation) with an opportunity to connect with ALA Members to discuss their strategic initiatives and marketing plans for the new fiscal year.

These events are in addition to ALA's Annual Convention, ALA's Annual Congressional Caucus, as well as government and industry Round Tables to get you up-close and personal with the buyers and decision makers for each of the resale activities.

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