Value of Membership

The Value of Joining the American Logistics Association

How To Successfully Sell To Military Commissaries and Exchanges

Why ALA?
The total business base of the military system represents nearly $20 Billion in sales volume and that doesn’t even include supply chain support and business system development. The military system consists of several hundred commissaries (supermarkets) and more than 3,000 exchanges (retail stores). Whether you are a business consultant, a small business owner, a manufacturer (local or national), a distributor, a broker, or a service provider, the opportunities for your company to generate revenue abound in the military resale system.

However, it takes time and focus to successfully enter the military market. It is as much strategic as it is tactical. With the right knowledge, relationships, and strategy, thousands of companies have depended on ALA to facilitate and support their military resale operations.

Whether you are a small or large manufacturer, distributor, or broker, ALA is designed to accelerate your entry into the market.

In addition to generating or increasing revenue, your membership in the American Logistics Association (ALA) also helps to protect the #1 compensation benefit and the most deserving customer in the world - our uniformed men and women. We are committed to protecting the commissary, exchange and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) benefits of our troops around the world that are protecting the citizens of our great nation as well as our interests abroad.

ALA provides the most comprehensive set of benefits and support you will need to generate revenue. ALA has every key resource and relationship you need to succeed. Think about that for a moment. Now, think about managing your business without the content that is only available from this Association.

ALA is the oldest military resale association in the nation. For more than 95 years ALA has helped businesses, of all sizes, generate revenue. In addition to protecting the shopping benefits for our service members, helping you generate revenue is our core mission.

The Value of Membership
What can ALA provide you and why should you join our community? ALA is the only organization that can provide you the resources and information you need to succeed. Consider these important membership benefits:

  • Ability to increase your company’s revenue and enhance professional growth
  • Market updates and industry training
  • Top-notch conventions and conferences that provide critical intelligence
  • Access to information and industry promotions that help you get the job done
  • Unparalleled and industry leading promotion and representation
  • Access to the right contacts in Washington to protect your interests.
  • A full time staff that is continuously searching, reading, gate keeping, solving, debating, analyzing, projecting, publishing, sharing and most importantly, helping you generate and increase your revenue
  • Military resale is currently focused on new and innovative products and services. Military resale looks to ALA as a key entry point for companies with new or innovative products and services.

Ask yourself: "Do you want a piece of the $20 billion resale market" and then "What will it cost your organization to do this alone?" To learn more about the benefits of joining our community, please click here

We forecast trends in industry to help members plan for today and the future. We capture and provide best practices in areas as diverse as how to do business with the government, technology, communications, and of course, government relations. These best practices are tangible benefits that will save your company time and money. All of this is done collectively with input from current members of the Association so new members can take advantage of lesson’s learned and identify the right strategies from existing members. ALA is a community.

Your Success is Our Success
To learn more about the benefits of joining our community, please click here

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