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Local Chapters


An organization is only as strong as the foundation it is built on. One of the key components to the overall success of the American Logistics Association (ALA) is the existence of its local Chapters.

ALA has 17 active, self-supporting, volunteer-run chapters worldwide that act as the Association’s local driving forces in strengthening industry solidarity. Through their tireless work and dedication on behalf of ALA, the Chapters provide vital services and support to Military Resale/MWR industry representatives at the local/regional level:

  • Create numerous opportunities to network with industry peers, local members of Congress and the leadership of the various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces on a more personal level – providing the added advantage of being able to foster important business relationships and strategic alliances.
  • Provide a forum where local business and legislative concerns, interests, and ideas are discussed and solutions to common problems are reached.
  • Permit industry members to build a strong rapport with area zone managers, store managers, and service personnel – stabilizing the crucial relationship between industry and our counterparts in the military so that when a problem or situation does arise both parties can work together to determine a mutually beneficial resolution.
  • Give the vendor community the opportunity to reach a target market through local recognition and gives companies/individuals a chance to show their commitment to ensuring the continued viability of the Military Resale and MWR systems.
  • All members of ALA National are automatically assigned to the local ALA Chapter nearest to them. Individuals are encouraged, but are not obligated, to be members of the Association at the National level prior to becoming affiliated with an ALA Chapter.
ALA Chapters
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