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Membership Benefits


Membership Benefits to Accelerate Your Revenue
ALA has allocated considerable resources to develop relationships with our military customers and with the leadership in the Department of Defense and Congress. ALA membership is recognized and respected in the marketplace.

ALA has an extensive portfolio of members-only content, information, and strategies that makes our staff and members-only portal the "First Call" for information and research for our Members. The military channel is like any other channel, whether commercial or government, where market entry is complex until you understand how the market operates. That’s one of the major advantages of being a part of our community. We not only educate and train you, but we accelerate your entry into the military resale channel.

Our job is to help you create and increase a secondary revenue stream through military resale. How do we do this?

You Are Provided With Comprehensive Access
To the industries #1 Online Portal for Military Resale. You only need to cruise the site map of our website to see the wealth of information available to you. Tailored to the needs of executives and managers in the military channel, you will find item listings by outlet, promotional performance, inventory levels, along with detailed reports. Developed by a team of key users, this information is updated daily to augment market engagement. 

  • Exclusive access to military resale data that includes revenue, category, and sales data. For manufacturers and their representatives, brokers, distributors, media and publishers, ALA provides corporate information and business intelligence

  • Daily Commissary Data: Monthly Commissary Sales and Transactions, Coupon Redemption Data, Promotional Data, Bi-Weekly Fill Rate Reports, Commissary Presentations to Industry, Demographics and Market Research, Current and Future On-Site Sales Schedule, Plan-O-Grams for Product Placement - to name a few.

  • Strategic Exchange Data: Historical sales information, current advertising schedules, demographics and market research, exchange presentations to industry - to name a few.

  • Weekly Executive Briefings. Members rank our weekly electronic newsletter as one of the top benefits of membership. Stay on top of this dynamic business channel with the latest news, trends, research, and developments. Available every Friday, you can begin your Monday morning in-the-know from any computer in the world.
  • Military Market Facts. When you get that call that the boss wants to know the details of the military market in the next 60 minutes, this is where you go. This presentation is timely, comprehensive and electronic so you can download it and manipulate as necessary.
  • Inclusion in the Members-Only Online Supplier Directory (OSD), used by the government and military resale to identify and find qualified manufacturers. Includes product showcase and special offers. 
  • Representation. ALA Government Relations professionals work diligently to ensure that the military channel is at the forefront of local, state and federal policymakers. The staff is comprised of former senior military and civilian DoD leadership who are known and recognized on Capitol Hill. In addition, each year the ALA hosts a Congressional Caucus where Members are given the opportunity to meet with senior DoD and elected officials to discuss issues impacting the military channel. We understand the budget process, authorizations, and appropriations, all of which are critical to you as your company’s revenue grows. Knowing that ALA’s voice is strongly heard and heeded within Congress and its committees may not be important to you today, but as you increase sales, we help protect your revenue source.

You Are Assigned a Mentor
You don't have to do this on your own! As an ALA Member, you are assigned a team of professionals whose number one job is to protect your interests and help you generate and increase revenue. One member of the ALA team will be assigned as a mentor, your primary contact. Every member on our team has at least 30 years’ experience working with military resale. There is no other organization with this level of expertise. We will: 

  • Be your "How To" and "Go To" resource. If you have never done business with the government, your entry into the marketplace can be a daunting task. Our staff of professionals can advise you on go-to-market strategies.

  • Teach you how to effectively promote and sell your products and services.

  • Show you how to maximize and take advantage of relationships with brokers & distributors.

  • Show you how to put together your "Business Presentation" for submission to the military commissaries and exchanges

  • Introduce you to the media and publishers that influence the shopping decisions for more than eight (8) million shoppers. They are also ALA Members!

  • Introduce you to the Category Managers. ALA’s 95 years of success comes from our Members working together! The larger manufacturers, brokers, and distributors at ALA volunteer to serve as category managers for all our Members. You’ll have access to executives at other companies whose job is to help you succeed.

  • Budget analysis to target the market. Based on what you sell, our team will provide your company with the breakout of appropriated and non-appropriated fund allocations to understand where to best target the market and focus your time, money, and resources.

Help Facilitate Buyer Relationships
Provide the contacts and relationships you need to be successful. Business is all about relationships. ALA is the only community in the Nation that guarantees you will meet the right decision makers, the right inventory specialists, and the right contracting specialists. Our members are provided with multiple paths for building relationships that facilitates success. Whether it’s ALA’s World Wide Directory, Roundtable events, Impact Workshops, National conferences, or a referral and introduction between you and military resale executives, throughout the year, you will make the necessary contacts.

  • Exclusive Events with the CEOs and COOs of military resale. Access to Decision Makers at regional and national events and symposiums. ALA members are afforded the unparalleled opportunity to network with the CEOs and COOs of some of the largest retail operations in the world.

  • Invitation to attend quarterly members-only Round Tables and Impact Workshops. These are joint seminars and events ran by ALA and co-chaired by the various government resale divisions. Only ALA Members are authorized to attend. Learn about the market, what the government is looking for, how to increase your sales, educational and training sessions, and meet the decision makers and military buyers.

  • The government listens to ALA. ALA is the only organization in the country where every major resale component picks-up our calls on the first ring. Over the past 95 years, ALA has built the strongest relationships in our industry. 

  • ALA World Wide Directory (Members-Only). Published annually at the beginning of the year, the directory serves as the single most powerful reference book you need to find the who’s who of military retail whether in industry or government. It is also a venue to give your company additional exposure at competitive rates. A listing of every Broker and Distributor you need to successful sell to military resale. Includes the key decision makers, inventory and contract specialists, by military service, by industry, for what you sell. This alone is worth more than $2,500.

Local and Regional ALA Chapter Membership
So everyone does not live in Washington DC. . . We have a network of chapters to allow you to participate, build relationships, and get support in your geographic area. As part of your membership, you are assigned to a chapter closest to your home location.



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