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About The Center
What Is The Military and MWR Center For Research?
The goal of the center is to provide a single trusted source for information, reports, studies and overall research on topics that address the military business channel. The center is a valuable and additional resource to ALA's portfolio of communication and outreach tools. The center will occasionally host specific studies that are significant contributions to the discussions about military resale and provide ALA Members with extensive visibility with the President, Congress, and Defense leadership. 

Providing ALA Members With Industry Leading Information and Analysis
ALA's core objective is to capture and provide Members with important and current information that provides two end-states: forms the foundation and operating environment of the military resale system, and provides Members with information and intelligence that helps drive strategic direction and revenue. A secondary objective is to capture key study results from companies that do business in the military resale business channel. Many of these reports will focus on shopping/shopper trends on a larger scale than the military marketplace but can shed light on shopper dynamics within this unique market place.


How The Center Is Structured
Four Channels
The Military and MWR Center For Research is comprised of four channels - Spotlight, Industry/Consumer, Government, and Industry/Consumer. Each channel contains one or more categories.
Spotlight Reports

Spotlight Channel

Spotlight studies are ALA Reports, developed on behalf of its Members, that ensure that the President, Congress, the military and media understands the value the military marketplace provides to our Service Members, Veterans, Retirees, and their Families.
      Industry / Consumer Reports

Industry / Consumer Channel

Reports, studies, and research providing general and specific insights on patron preferences. Categories include market segmentation, consumer choice, demographics, shopper trends, brand awareness, loyalty and retention, and promotion performance.
Independent Research

Independent Channel

These reports and studies involve many of the same topics in the other sections but researched and developed outside the military marketplace by third parties in the private sector.
  Government Reports

Government Channel

Categories include laws and regulations, resale reports, demographics, organizational charts, strategy, fiscal performance, GAO reports, Congressional Budget Office (CBO), government sponsored studies, and quadrennial reviews.
For More Information:
If you are looking for something in particular and can not find it, please contact one of our research guides and they will respond within twenty-four hours.

ALA Member Inquiries
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