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Industry and Consumer Reports
The Industry and Consumer channel contains categories which include market segmentation, consumer choice, demographics, trends, branding, loyalty, promotion, and other shopping trends.



You can jump to any of the categories below by clicking on the category name. If you are looking for a specific topic, recommend searching by keyword at the top of any page on this website.

   1. Market Segmentation
   2. Consumer Choice Analysis
   3. Patron Demographics
   4. Shopper Trends
   5. Retailing
   6. Loyalty and Customer Retention               

Market Segmentation
Exchange Resource Guide and Handbook
Exchange financial demographics, store locations and address information                              
Source: House Armed Services Committee
April 2012

Consumer Choice Analysis
Consolidated List of Government Website Links
Popular Web site links for the U.S. Government
Source: American Logistics Association (ALA)
November 2012 
2011 Military Shopper Insight Survey
A study funder by Overseas Service Corporation brokered companies. Goals of the study were to: Obtain knowledge of patron’s attitudes and behavior; seek opportunities to enhance commissary shopper experience; gain insight based strategies actionable recommendations
Source: Viewpoint Sales Solutions

Patron Demographics
The Marine Corps Demographics Update
Marine Corps personnel, family, and retiree statistics and overview of shoppers
Source: Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS)
June 2012 
Who Serves in the US Military? Demographic Characteristics of Enlisted Troops and Officers
The Center for Data Analysis presents a complete overview of the United States Military demographics
Source: Center For Data Analysis (CDA)
August 2008

Shopper Trends
The Why? Behind The Buy
This Acosta Spring 2013 report reflects life changes, shift in shopper trips, the digital engagement, on-line shopping, etc., about consumers.
Source: Acosta Sales & Marketing
Spring 2013 
Hot Topic - Cold Facts About Frozen Foods
This AMG Strategic Advisor October 2012 update provides the cold facts about frozen food.
Source: AMG Strategic Advisors
October 2012 
Hot Topic - Shopper Response To BOGO / Free Promotions
This AMG Strategic Advisor Hot Topic February 2012 Report discusses the shopper response to BOGO/Free Promotions.
Source: AMG Strategic Advisors
February 2012 
The Tipping Point For Center Store
This AMG Strategic Advisor March 2013 report outlines the center store.
Source: AMG Strategic Advisors
March 2013 
Digital Shopping - What You Need To Consider
Nielsen presents U.S. Consumers challenges, statistics, overview of 2011 economy effects and shoppers concerns
Source: Nielsen
October 2012 
Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Report:
Consumer Confidence, Concerns and Spending Intentions Around the World

Compared to last year, 68 percent of North Americans changed spending habits to save on expenses, down from 72 percent last quarter and 75 percent last year. The decline in percent of consumers instituting saving strategies across both discretionary and non-discretionary spending was a positive sign for the economy. The number of North Americans who said they gave up taking an annual vacation decreased to 25 percent, down from 33 percent in Q2. Saving on gas and electricity remained the key strategy among 62 percent of respondents, down from 64 percent last quarter.
Source: Nielsen
Q3 2012 

2000 Vendor Stocking Executive Committee Presentation
Presentations reflects the review, results and recommendations of an ALA Vendor Stocking Committee
Source: American Logistics Association (ALA)
Growing Appetite For C-Stores - Opportunities Remain For Growth
Making a store convenient is hard work. Importance of brand names, innovation, and promotions
Source: Nielsen
October 2012
Delivering On The Promise - Five Ways To Drive Brand Effectiveness With Social Media
How to improve end-to-end brand life cycle effectiveness with social media
Source: NMIncite
June 2012 
Majority of US Consumers Believe Country Is In A Recession
2008 Press Release discussing consumer concerns about debt, jobs, discretionary spending, immigration and war
Source: Nielsen
May 2008 
Retail 2016 and Insights Into Our Economic Recovery
An Economic Overview presented by Todd Hale at a Nielsen DDI event. This year's presentation has a section on "cool retailing" and talks about which US retailers have achieved cool status and what it takes to be one.
Source: Nielsen
September 2012 

Loyalty and Customer Retention
Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Price Match Policy
Policy on price challenges, price breaks, product exchanges and exceptions                           
Source: Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Website
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