Executive Briefing: August 28, 2020

‘We Didn’t Miss a Beat,’ Shull tells American Logistics Association


On Aug. 25, the ALA held a virtual Teams conference with AAFES. At this conference, Tom Shull and his team highlighted the extraordinary efforts that AAFES has taken through its Disaster Support Group to cope with these major disasters in North Carolina, Florida and Puerto Rico. We suspect that at AAFES headquarters, the disaster support group is already mobilizing for hurricane Laura.  READ MORE

Congratulations in order as commissaries break records for food donations. Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) patrons and employees once again led this year’s Department of Defense (DOD) contributions to the annual Feds Feed Families campaign by collecting nearly 2.3 million pounds of food and personal hygiene items. The previous donations record for DeCA’s donations was 1.6 million pounds in 2015. That’s 90 percent of all food donations from DoD programs. Randy Eller, DeCA’s logistics director, reported that nearly 27,000 bags of food were provided by patrons and employees. The record donations come as some advocates in Congress cite growing hunger problem for military families. 

Unsung heroes—Navy Lodges. ALA salutes the management and employees of the Navy Lodge Program. During the pandemic, these folks have gone over and above the call of duty to take care of sailors and their families who have been quarantined. Working with the CDC and Defense health people, they rolled out the “Shipshape and Squared Away” program that provided protective measures and meals at all lodges. Hat’s off to Chris Settelen, VP of NEXCOM’s Lodge program and his wonderful team. The Lodge program is in addition to the NEX Quarantine Support Program that provides goods and services to sailors and families to include downrange. 

Defense health care debate and implications for resale programs. There a big debate going on in the Pentagon over the future of the military health care system. This has implications on commissary are exchange programs in several respects. First, if more health care facilities are … READ MORE

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Consumer worries over COVID-19 head back up, report says

Grocery Drive

Worry about the impact of the pandemic is rising among consumers in the United States, with concern about the coronavirus nearly back to the level recorded in March, according to a survey of consumer attitudes conducted by Dunnhumby. The data science company’s Worry Index is now at 29%, an increase of 6% from the firm’s June survey and just below the 30% point it reached at the start of the pandemic.

Trump’s second-term plan includes stopping ‘endless’ wars, boosting military support

Military Times
President Donald Trump released a 50-point second-term agenda on Sunday which vows to maintain American military might and “wipe out” terrorist groups overseas but also to stop the country’s involvement in “endless wars.”

VP Pence credits Trump with rebuilding the military, fixing VA in reelection pitch

Military Times
Vice President Mike Pence lauded President Donald Trump for rebuilding the military, fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs and strengthening America’s national security in his Republican convention speech.

Rising military personnel costs may mean future cuts in troop numbers

Military Times
Despite White House and Pentagon suggestions that military end strength should continue to grow in coming years, the total number of personnel is likely to stay flat or start shrinking due to budget pressures on the Defense Department, according to a new financial analysis.

South Korea warns lockdown may be necessary amid coronavirus resurgence; six more troops test positive

Stars & Stripes

South Korean President Moon Jae-in warned a lockdown may be necessary as 266 new coronavirus cases were reported Monday, a sharp drop from the previous day but the 11th consecutive day the number was in triple digits.

Military on Guam enters health condition ‘Charlie’ as island’s coronavirus cases surge

Stars & Stripes

An upswing in new coronavirus cases on Guam has prompted the military there to increase its health protection condition, Joint Region Marianas announced Thursday. 

Background investigations: How to get a security clearance for a federal job

Federal Times

Working in the federal government — or as a contractor who performs work on behalf of an agency — means going through at least one background investigation to determine if a candidate is a suitable fit for federal employment, but the extent of that investigation can vary widely. 


Can brands become trusted consumer resources? 

Consumers are more concerned about social values now than they were in 2009, including social tolerance and equality, according to GfK survey data, and 35% trust brands to tell the truth compared to 25% who say the same about the government. READ MORE

Walmart to extend operating hours cut by pandemic 

Walmart will begin offering expanded operating hours this week at 85% of its US stores, changing closing time from 8:30 to 10 p.m. The retailer had cut its hours when the pandemic started in March to give associates more time to clean, restock store shelves and adhere to new safety protocols.


Feds Feed Families: Commissary patrons, employees donate record 2.3M pounds

New ‘Digital Garrison’ app takes FMWR, AAFES info mobile | GUIDON

Exchange’s Exclusive Brands Bring Exclusive Savings for Military Families 

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