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Read and watch what our members have to say about how being a member of ALA has impacted their business.

"The ALA is the only association I know which has the inside track with the Military Resale Agencies." No other organization has the clout that the ALA does."
Terry Fowler, Tim Hortons

"Logging on to the ALA website at the beginning of my business day has become as automatic and necessary as having my morning cup of coffee."
Ollie Bates, S & K Sales

"I feel safe knowing that ALA is lobbying on my behalf. Protecting the benefit for the soldiers and their families and protecting the industry for me and my family."
Sheila Linn, Campbell Soup Company

"The conferences and networking forums that ALA provide continue to save me time and money. When they put the industry and the military service trading partners together in one room; something magical happens."
Sharon Zambo-Fan, Favorite Foods of Hawaii

"The dues investment that my company will continue to make has been returned, doubled and tripled through the benefits and services that we have received."
Reginald Ingram, Association of Paralyzed Persons, Inc.  

"I, along with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service’s 43,000 associates, salute American Logistics Association for nine decades of service to America’s military. We value the opportunity to work with organizations dedicated to protecting and improving service members’ quality of life. As we approach our missions cooperatively and build on past successes, military resale will continue to function as a force multiplier in the recruiting and retention of the best America has to offer. Thank you for all you do in support of military families around the world."
Michael P. Howard, Chief Operating Officer, AAFES

"On behalf of the Coast Guard Community Services Command, it gives me great pleasure congratulating the American Logistics Association for 90 years of dedicated service bringing the best non-pay military resale benefits to the men, women, and families of our Armed Forces. The Coast Guard Exchange System and Morale Well-being and Recreation activities play vital roles in our personnel readiness, recruitment, and retention programs and our partnership with the American Logistics Association is a key factor in the success of our mission delivering these essential quality of life benefits to Coast Guard men, women, and families. The enthusiasm and dedication demonstrated by your members are a tribute to their patriotism and commitment to keeping our nation strong.

Bravo Zulu on a fantastic 90 years of service to our military and we're looking forward to working with you for many more years to come!

Semper Paratus!"
Captain Edward Eng, Commanding Officer, Coast Guard Community Services Command

"Congratulations ALA as you approach your 90th year of service, dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of military resell.  In my previous position as the Chief Operating Officer of the Army Air Force Exchange System and now as Director of the Canteen Service, ALA continues to play a pivotal role in securing great values, products and promotions that directly affect the quality of lives for our military services members and families as well as our Veterans and their Caregivers. ALA is at the forefront aggressively promoting important policy issues with programs all designed to improve operating efficiencies and services to our primary customers. The success of this organization is dedication plus passion to service and country, achievement for excellence, professionalism and outstanding leadership. Thank youALA for all you do to make life a little easier for our Veterans and military men and women."
Marilyn Iverson, Director, Veterans Canteen Service

"On behalf of stores on Navy ships at sea, NEX stores ashore and 15,000 associates worldwide, accolades to the American Logistics Association (ALA) on your 90th year of service to military resale. Our mission is to deliver an earned benefit for Sailors and their families. We work closely through our industry partners of suppliers and manufactures, and ALA is the most expansive trade association of the military resale industry. Thank you, ALA for your powerful representation and numerous educational and networking opportunities."
Michael P. Good, Chief Operating Officer, NEXCOM 

"In serving today’s more than 12 million authorized military customers and their families, the Defense Commissary Agency congratulates the American Logistics Association in celebrating its 90th anniversary. A valued partner in delivering a treasured nonpay benefit, the ALA can stand proud of its immeasurable contributions to sustainment of our nation’s fighting forces. We appreciate your legacy of support and care of active military, retirees and families through the years, and we wish you continued success in your noble profession."
Philip E. Sakowitz Jr., DeCA Director and CEO

"The Defense Commissary Agency applauds the American Logistics Association on its 90th year of service to the military community. Your passionate dedication and collaborative partnership enhances this quality of life benefit, which together we have taken to unprecedented levels, yet your participation remains largely "behind the scenes" to our customers. You’ve earned your time in the spotlight, and we salute you."
Tom Milks, DeCA Chief Operating Officer

"On behalf of the Defense Commissary Agency’s sales directorate, I thank the American Logistics Association for its 90 years of devoted service to America’s military and family members. Your unique liaison between industry and quality-of-life service providers has helped all of us do the best job possible in serving the greatest customers in the world. Here’s to our continued partnership and success."
Randy Chandler, DeCA Director of Sales



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