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ALA Business Resource Desktop Tool


Q: Can I download the ALA Business Resource search window directly to my desktop?

A: Yes! It takes just seconds to download a helpful search window from the directory. Here’s how:

  • Go to the ALA Business Resource homepage by clicking HERE
  • At the main search page, mouse over "Tools" on the menu at the top and click on "Desktop Search Tool".
  • At the instruction page, click "Download Application Now".
  • Follow the prompts to load the tool.

The toolbar will load directly to your computer giving you instant, one-click access to the ALA Business Resource and the ALA homepage at any time – even if you are not logged on to an Internet browser.

The small, noninvasive, search window is there on your desktop whenever you need to perform your targeted search. It is easily removable at any time and no Spyware or Adware is loaded with it.



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