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ALA Business Resource Guide Benefits


When military resale leaders are ready to buy, they turn to the ALA Business Resource Guide to cut through the clutter of traditional search engine results. Imagine blending GoogleTM with the Yellow Pages. Now imagine a green alternative to printed directories. It’s all there with this online supplier directory (OSD).

OSDs are emerging as the preferred method of searching within the business sector. Unlike traditional search engines, OSDs focus on a small niche of products and services, producing extremely relevant search results for the end user. By nature, OSDs serve a specific industry and are usually maintained by seasoned veterans in the industry, such as associations like ALA.

Within the ALA Business Resource Guide online searchers easily locate products and services unique to our industry without the clutter of a general Internet search engine. Additionally, this year’s ALA Business Resource Guide offers a fantastic new feature – a product showcase that allows users to view specific products and special offers right on the front page of the guide.

Users have the option of performing keyword-driven searches, or a category-specific search. Both methods produce the most industry-relevant results on the Web, and the ALA Business Resource Guide is updated and corrected continuously, unlike a printed directory that is often outdated by the time it is printed. Plus, the way military resale professionals have to multi-task these days, it is more convenient to toggle from the online guide to spreadsheets and other web data than it is to refer back to print directories.

The ALA Business Resource Guide allows you to search for specialized providers of desired goods or individual products. The guide also includes Request for Information (RFI) functionality which allows users to contact participating suppliers with a click of your mouse. In addition, the downloadable Desktop Search application enables you to search for items directly from a small search window on your computer desktops, making the search process as convenient and time-efficient as possible. You’ll have instant, one-click access to the buyers guide and the ALA Web site at any time – even if you are not logged on to your browser.

For suppliers, there are many advantages to advertising in the ALA Business Resource Guide including cost, tracking, and flexibility. For a small administrative fee (packages start at $395 for an entire year), a supplier company can prominently display their company logo, offer complete contact information, and provide a detailed company description and profile page. Also, online advertisers can quickly analyze click-through numbers and Web traffic to gain a clear picture of what is and isn’t working. And, online content can be updated within seconds, with relatively no added cost. If you’d like more information on advertising options, contact ALA’s partner, MultiView, Inc., at 800-816-6710 or ala@multiview.com.

From a user’s perspective, the procurement of resources for your business or facility can be the key to success within the industry. Whether you’re looking for supplies and services, or simply the essential tools and accessories you need to satisfy your customers, the ALA Business Resource Guide can help. It’s a powerful online tool that will help change the way you search for industry related resources. Why not try it for yourself?



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