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ALA Business Resource Guide


Suppliers Compete for Your Business on Your Desktop

The days of spending hours on the phone comparing prices are over! In this tight – and getting tighter - market, with competition at its best, ALA has created a one-stop shop for our industry. As you begin to reevaluate contracts and review who offers the most for your purchasing dollars, visit the ALA Business Resource Guide to search the largest online listing of suppliers. The ALA Business Resource Guide lists over 300 suppliers for you to quickly and easily compare prices and get the most value for your purchasing dollar.

The ALA Business Resource Guide has been created specifically for serious buyers of industry products or services. The guide also incorporates a desktop search mechanism, allowing product searchers to download a free application that makes the directory quickly accessible from the user’s computer desktop. In addition, the directory has implemented Request for Information (RFI) functionality, allowing visitors to contact multiple suppliers - at the same time and with blind copies - with the click of a button. Both features are becoming increasingly popular among users and are a valuable business opportunity for suppliers who want to reach a worldwide audience with just a few clicks of a button.

Visit the ALA Business Resource Guide today to start your search for products and services or to make a listing that will bring the world to your desktop.



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