Articles of Incorporation
Like all businesses, Associations are subject to a myriad of federal, state and local laws. The American Logistics Association’s internal and governing laws are drawn from Washington D.C., the jurisdiction of incorporation. The Certificate of Incorporation provides our legal basis for existence.

The second document is the bylaws or constitution of the association. This document lays out the operating instructions for the association. The association performs the necessary due diligence to meet the requirements of the law and the requirements of regulatory agencies like the Internal Revenue Service. Annual audits are conducted by an independent third party. Documents are managed in accordance with the privacy act. Operations are governed by applicable internal controls.

ALA Board of Directors

ALA Board of Directors

Board of Directors
The association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of 13 members aligned as closely as possible with the business segment represented by the association. As a general rule the board of directors is charged with the full management authority over the internal affairs of the organization and the management of its assets. Our board members are non-compensated volunteers and much of the boards management authority is delegated to the staff.

Board Committees
The internal business of the Board is managed by a set of committees:

  • Executive Committee consisting of the Board officers that acts for the Board between regular Board meetings
  • Finance Committee that oversees the finances of the association
  • Membership Committee that sets membership policy and recruitment strategies

Standing Committees
ALA’s effectiveness is enhanced by several standing internal committees that interact with the retail partners on defining issues and solutions:

  • Commissary Council
  • Exchange Council
  • MWR Council; and
  • A worldwide network of Chapters

ALA Chapters
ALA chapters play an important role in meeting the day to day needs of the association and our Members in a specific geographic area. The conduct of the chapters is governed by a Chapter Handbook detailing policy and guidelines for conduct and operations.

Whether in the role of a board member or a council or chapter president, ALA offers a wide variety of opportunities for members to participate in the success of the association and individually succeed in military resale.