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An exchange is a department store on military bases. It provides a full range of quality merchandise and services at uniformly low prices to the military community regardless of where they are stationed throughout the world. Military exchanges are categorized as joint military activities. They are self-funded and pay operating costs from revenues. Exchanges return earnings to customers through payments to MWR activities and investments in new or renovated exchange facilities. Since exchanges receive only a limited amount of taxpayer dollars, they are listed as a nonappropriated (NAF) fund activity; that is they do not rely on taxpayer dollars. The subtle difference is that a different set of laws and regulations govern their internal operations. Exchange sales total more than $10 billion with over 3000 outlets worldwide.

When military members deploy to remote locations around the world, the exchanges are there with them offering products and services to the troops. Only exchanges operate retail outlets in deployed areas. The exchanges also manage the sale of military y clothing and the operations of retail stores on ships afloat.

ALA provides members with a wealth of information directly related to selling, promoting and distributing your products to the Veterans Canteen Service. Members have WEB access monthly store sales, scheduled store reset dates, category reviews, the Veterans Canteen Services strategic plan, notices to the trade, news releases, and any policy or procedure changes. All this information is available to our members regardless of where they are in the world via the WEB. To help members understand the types of information available an on line user guide is available.

Other benefits of membership include topic specific meetings focused on helping you expand your business with the military resale system. In addition to regional meetings, we have two national meetings each year to update members. One meeting is focused exclusively on the Veterans Canteen Service and provides members to meet with buyers and review their marketing and promotion strategies, gain insight on operational plans, and exploring with members current the use of best business practices. The second meeting is held the beginning of the governments new fiscal year and provides each of the retail commands (Commissary, Exchange, Veterans Canteen Services and Morale Welfare and Recreation) to discuss their strategic initiatives and marketing plans for the new fiscal year.

Applying for membership to our Association can be completed by submitting your application using our on line WEB form or by submitting you form to our Member Support Team. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at membership@ala-national.org and we will be more than happy to help you.



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