The Marketplace

The business opportunities presented by the military marketplace provide abundant opportunities for the established business and the new entrepreneur. The total business base of the system represents nearly $20 Billion is sales volume and an additional uncaptured amount in supply chain support and business system development. Whether you are a business consultant, small business owner, manufacturer (local or national), distributor, broker, or service provider, the opportunities abound in the military resale system. So it is an easy market to understand and enter…well, not exactly. The government operates in a rule oriented business environment where many more rules impact especially when the use of taxpayer dollars comes into play. This is where the value of the American Logistics Association is unsurpassed. There are many folks out there that portend that they understand this complicated business model but in the end they usually end up calling the ALA or recommending you join the association to gain the power of the association representation. 

The association is organized and staffed (ALA Staff) in such a way to provide you the answers you need from proven experts and represent your interests after you become a member. In addition, the association government relations program is aimed at promoting, protecting and preserving this thriving business environment that is so vital to the quality of life of our military members and their families.

The nest sections you will encounter under this heading will give you a more detailed breakdown of the major business areas represented by the ALA. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the professionals at the association. Do not miss your opportunity to enter this vibrant business channel.

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