Government Affairs

With the steady escalation of government involvement in the day-to-day activities of private business, ALAs efforts to represent the legitimate interests of the military resale industry have necessarily become one of its most important member services.

Effective government liaison is a two-pronged effort: first, to educate those who formulate legislation and regulations, thereby ensuring, as much as possible, fair and equitable consideration of industry needs; and second, to defend the industry against conceived legislation and unreasonable restraints. This activity is of primary importance to ALA for building respect and trust within the Administration, Congress and the Department of Defense.

Funding for the commissary and exchange systems is a prime concern of ALAs Government Relations Department, whose programs reach down to the local level through ALA Chapters.

ALA also organizes task forces with other trade and military associations to provide a unified voice on legislation and regulatory actions which might affect the resale systems and their patrons.

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