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Throughout the year we have topic specific meetings focused on helping you expand your business with the military resale system. These meeting are only open to ALA members and provide you with exclusive opportunity to meet with key government and military representatives to pursue common objectives. We have four key national meetings each year to update members on retailer strategies and local area meeting designed to focus on specific geographic areas. The following is a summary of the key national meetings:

National Convention:

Focused on senior management providing a detailed update to members regarding their plans for the upcoming year for item selection, marketing, advertising and expectations from industry. Members also have several opportunities to meet senior retail leaders and discuss best business practices.

Exchange Roundtable:

Focused exclusively on the Exchange and Veteran Canteen retail systems, this forum provides an opportunity to learn about upcoming marketing and promotional strategies, operational plans, payments and deductions and special meeting to collectively explore how members can exchange best business practice strategies with senior retail management.

Commissary Roundtable:

Focused exclusively on the Defense Commissary System, we learn about upcoming marketing and promotional strategies, operational plans, and collectively explore how members can exchange best business practices with senior retail management.

Congressional Caucus:

Prior to the beginning of the governments new fiscal year we have congressional representatives addressing legislative and policy issues impacting the military resale and MWR/Services industry. The forum takes place on Capitol Hill to showcase the association's efforts to strengthen existing relationships and forge new partnerships with the Administration, Congress, and Department of Defense.

Each of our forums is designed to enable our members to sponsor events and be recognized for their efforts. There are a wide variety of ways members can become sponsors. For more additional information on sponsorship opportunities contact us at

The quality of our meetings cannot be matched by any other event. Our meetings are designed to provide you with all the latest information to insure you have all the information needed to promote and market your products, maximize sales, and capitalize on capturing your fair share of a ten billion dollar business.

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