About ALA

The American Logistics Association (ALA) traces its roots back almost 90 years to 1920 and the loose confederation known as the Quartermaster’s Association. The initial concept was a forum to discuss ideas, partnership and improve the marketplace; seems good ideas are enduring. Evolving over the years to meet the transformation of the business channel the ALA became a trade association in 1974. Technically trade associations are categorized by the section of the Internal Revenue Code that applies, as such, the ALA is a 501c (6) tax exempt, non-profit association. We have no other business other than improving the business opportunities in the military marketplace.

The name American Logistics Association evolved over the years as well. The military channel for most of the years of its existence was managed in the military’s logistics chain of command. It was a natural and easily understood identifier to use the word logistics in the definition of the association. The marketplace has modernized and transformed and now closely mirrors state of the art retail operations and in the modern marketplace you do not see the term "logistics" unless you are referring to a trucking company. Now days everything is robust, supply chain enhancing, pipeline filling speed to shelf tracking bottom line efficiencies. Well, we at the ALA are proud of our heritage and like to remember that our system has provided needed supplies from the Civil War to the Iraq War and everything in between. Sometimes "old fashion" is Ok.

The Business Base

The health of the military resale and MWR programs has never been stronger. On all fronts we see exciting initiatives, dynamic leadership and a unique partnership opportunity provided by your ALA. The military channel represents nearly $20 Billion in sales opportunities in just about every retail format you can imagine with every range of business opportunity. Countless companies are in business this year through their membership in the association and many more have increased their volume through the business opportunities the association provides.

A Recognized Voice in the Marketplace

The 80 plus years of countless battles, continuing education and honest representation have positioned the ALA as the single voice representing the business interests of companies in the military channel. The single focus on improving the quality of life for the military and their families has further enhanced the stature of the ALA in representation situations. Each year the Chair of your association is invited to testify before the panel of the House Armed Services Committee that provided oversight for these important programs. The ALA is the single group that represents the interests of the entire industry in this important leadership forum.

Why ALA?

The Military Resale Industry is under tremendous pressure to survive in an era where consolidations and privatization issues are staring us in the face each and every day. DoD officials have been tasked to find efficiencies wherever and whenever they can. Your membership in the American Logistics Association (ALA) helps to protect the #1 non-pay compensation benefit and the most deserving customer in the world - our uniformed men and women. We are committed to protecting the commissary, exchange and MWR benefits of the troops around the world that are protecting the citizens of our great nation as well as our interests abroad.

Don’t Just Join -- BELONG!

With today’s increasing market pressures, we can help you manage the strategic challenges of shrinking budgets, downsizing staffs and rapid advances in technology. We forecast trends in industry to help members plan their futures, and capture best practices in areas as diverse as how to do business with the government, technology, communications, and of course, government relations. These best practices are tangible benefits that will save your company time and money. All of this is done collectively with input from current members of the Association, and shared economies of scale which allows many to benefit at a much more reasonable cost.

We may call it "membership," but it is really an investment in our industry! Perhaps Teddy Roosevelt said it best, "Every man owes part of his time and money to the business or industry to which he is engaged. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere."


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