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The ALA is a modern, best practice trade association that has become industry’s "First Call" when dealing with the complex issues of navigating the military marketplace. The military channel comprised of military Commissaries (grocery stores), Exchanges (convenience stores, department stores, food concessions, gas stations, communications and electronics, wine, beer and spirits, ship’s stores, tactical retail outlets), Morale, Welfare and Recreation sales and services (restaurants, child care, fitness centers, libraries, auto service), Veteran’s Canteen Service (retail outlets in VA Hospitals and offices), constitutes a business environment with close to $20 Billion in annual sales. This marketplace is worldwide, world class and world of opportunity. Doing business with the government is at times a daunting task. Our staff of experts translate difficulty into opportunity for our association membership. We host a series of networking opportunities during the course of the year that allows our members to meet and network with the leadership of these diverse organizations. We also provide advice, research and operational information that is critical to driving successful business opportunities. There is no company too large or too small; there is no opportunity we will not explore. Membership is easy and the results will be a solid return on your investment. For more information about your opportunity contact ALA, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

1/13/16 - Advocates call for careful reforms
but blast efforts to reduce/eliminate
commissary and exchange benefits
3/9/16 - Senator Mikulski champions
Commissaries and DoD Healthy Base Initiative
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ALA Analysis of Privatization Aspects of DoD Budget Neutrality Report
On May 25, 2016, the Department of Defense released a "Report on Plan to Obtain Budget Neutrality for the Defense Commissary System and the Military Exchange System.” The report, requested in the FY16 NDAA, strengthens the argument that privatization should not be mandated until it is more closely examined by Congress and the DoD.

DoD Budget Neutrality Report 2016
The Department of Defense released report requested in the FY16 NDAA, “Report on Plan to Obtain Budget Neutrality for the Defense Commissary System and the Military Exchange System.”


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